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As in Today’s Scenario many Industrial consumers (i.e.) HT & LT Consumers face most of the difficulties in choosing the right path to get Electrical Power to their industries.

Either it be, on who to follow up with EB officials or from where or how to start the process. In this Case who can we rely upon???


The Common question on every people’s mind which comes upon is why to waste money with a CONSULTANT. This is where many people are mistaken thinking of saving money in consultation many tend to lose money in other aspects either in follow-up of the process, wrong ideas which leads to wrong materials that do not follow Government standards. Delaying of the projects and Wastage of money which led the project costs to increase un-considerably than the charges offered to the CONSULTANT.

Advantages of having a Consulatant

  • To Get Innovative Ideas.
  • Ideas on loan sanctions for the project
  • From Where or How to start the project
  • To CHOOSE how much load is required to run the project and to avoid unnecessary penalities to TNEB.
  • On choosing the Transformers, Gensets, Panels and Switch Gears that are neccessary for the project.
  • To get a stable mind on how much cost occurs to complete the project.
    To know about the necessary documents required for application process
  • To get maximum benefit without wasting money on excess load from EB services.
  • To get a basic idea about the things necessary for the project (FOR ELECTRICAL SIDE)
    to get regular updates on the process
  • On-time completion of the project.
  • For Stress & tension free environment to the consumer’s and to trust upon.
  • Risk Management
  • Money saving process

Depending on the nature and the size of the project it varies from time to time.

We believe providing our customers with an excellent value for their investment in our services.

We also offer customized solutions and interested clients can reach us to get competitive and affordable quotations.