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We provide the following Solutions & Services:

  • Solar Engineering Consultancy
  • Solar System Integration
  • Solar Products And System Supply
  • Solar Design And Development
  • Solar Engineering And Documentation
  • Solar Installation And Commissioning
  • Software Development

ENGINEERING, PROCUREMENT & CONSTRUCTION for solar PV projects of any proportion on a turnkey basis from concept to completion and as per the custom requirements of clients.

We offers solutions for

  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Institutional
  • Industrial
  • Utility Scale projects

Scope of Service

Operate: We operate the facility in accordance with applicable safety, occupational health and environment regulations.

Verify & Report: We verify and record all information on electricity generation, loss in generation due to grid disturbance, and consumption of electricity within the facility.

Monitor & Supervise: We offer SCADA enabled Remote Monitoring Facility for all the operational units. Photovoltaic monitoring systems (SCADA) are software-driven devices provide real-time and historical data, performance-based alerts, web-based (or cellular) monitoring

Preventive & Corrective Maintenance: Inspection, testing, cleaning, and preventive maintenance and/ or corrective repairs and replacement are carried out, if necessary, as a part of good manufacturing practices.

Infrastructure & Training: We provide all necessary Operations and Maintenance training and required set of onsite testing instruments and equipment. We also provide associated power evacuation arrangements to the clients’ staff for successful takeover of the plant in due course of time

Solar Roof Top System: A solar rooftop system is composed of a set of solar PV panels, mounted on the rooftop of a residential or commercial building, connected together to generate electricity by converting solar radiation into electrical energy. The electrical energy generated from the array of panels is transmitted to inverter, which converts DC output of solar module into utility grid electricity.

For off grid systems, a battery bank stores power that cannot be utilised directly by the load. This will be used when requirement of load is more than what the solar PV is providing at a particular time or when power from solar energy is not available, thus reducing the consumption of power from grid and increased savings on your electricity bill

Industries, Institutes & Households need continuous and regular access to power for various needs. Solar rooftop systems are designed to provide electricity in offices & homes with intermittent or no grid electricity. The solar rooftop system, being modular in construction, can be customized to generate and provide solutions based on your needs.

The solar rooftop system can begin at about 100 watts, going up to a 100+ kilowatts. A typical 4-person semi-urban/urban home can have a good mix of solar power and grid power, balanced by choosing to install a 1 KW solar rooftop system. A 1 KW system can help save up to Rs 8,250 per year (compared to using grid electricity). When used as a power backup in grid-constrained locations, it saves fuel costs of up to Rs 56,000 per year compared to the equivalent use of a 1 KVA gasoline generator.

Customer Benefits

  • No maintenance hassles
  • Renewable & reliable, clean & green and locally & readily available energy
  • Conduct quantitative load studies, cost-benefit analysis and other supporting analysis as appropriate for utility demand-side

Depending on the nature and the size of the project it varies from time to time.

We believe providing our customers with an excellent value for their investment in our services.

We also offer customized solutions and interested clients can reach us to get competitive and affordable quotations.