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  • Transformer fluid testing and visual inspection, leak repairs and re-gasketing, assembling and vaccum oil filling of new transformers Electrical testing and repairs.
  • VFD, ACB and Switch Gears
  • Attending & finding the faults and replacing the faulty switches and breaker gears with the suitable one’s.
  • Specialized technicians for ACB services.
  • Maintainance of the Breakers and Drives is highly necessary for a longer-life as the costs are considerably highand of huge demands that cannot be bought immediately when needed.
  • Specialized technicians for VFD maintainances.


  • Testing and evaluation of Distribution and power transformers
  • Testing and evaluation of Earthing systems
  • Testing and evaluation of Lightning systems
  • Testing and evaluation of current transformers/ potential transformers
  • Condition monitoring services for various electrical equipment

Depending on the nature and the size of the project it varies from time to time.

We believe providing our customers with an excellent value for their investment in our services.

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