Busbars have rigid design elements and hence has better resistance than cables, especially in case of short circuits. Busbars have a minimum distance between the conductors which in turn reduces the induction of resistance

Features :

  • Busbar material: Aluminium / Copper
  • Earth bus material & cross section: Aluminium/ copper
  • Busbar jointing Surface treatment Bolts & washers Bimetallic joints: Tinned Cadmium plated will be provided based on requirement
  • Type of enclosure: IP 54 for indoor, IP55 with bolted canopy for outdoor
  • Type of end terminations Transformer end/ Switchgear end: Copper flexible /Aluminium Flexible
  • Provision of space heater Rated voltage: will be provided -230V AC with MCB control if required.
  • Wall frame assembly: Will be provided based on requirement
  • Bus bar arrangement: As per IS 5578
  • Supply System: 415 Volts to 11000 Volts Max
    System earthing: Solidly earthed
  • Service: Indoor/outdoor
  • Design ambient temp.: 45 ° C
  • Rated voltage & frequency: 415V, 50 Hz, +/-5%

Technical Details :