A medium voltage switchgear is a set of electrical equipment enclosed in a predominantly metal structure. This centralized set includes a variety of switches, transformers, fuses and circuit breakers. Electrical panels are used to better protect, control and separate electrical equipment from each other

Features :

  • Custom Design – Fixed type, free standing, floor mounting
  • Extendable to both sides
  • Cubical type compartmentalised construction
  • Busbar made of electrolytic grade, aluminium alloy, copper with certified % IACS conductivity
  • Short circuit withstand capacity of 50kA for 1 sec RMS
  • Switchgear and control gear as per customer’s choice
  • Top or bottom cable entry
    Front and Rear Access
    Single / Double front construction
  • Designed to meet climatic conditions
  • Powder-coating with imported electrostatic powder gun and fully conveyorized powder-coating plant
  • Design facilitating adequate space for cable and bus duct termination and providing required cable support
  • All live parts are properly shrouded by means of acrylic sheet in order to ensure no accidental contact with live parts during maintenance

Technical Details :